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Hello from International Panel Shop based in Gardens Cape Town!
We are looking for someone with the following skills:
Please, no chancers. You should know your trade very well, and be able to deliver to a customer a great product. At International Panel Shop we pride ourselves in a 4.8 rating on Google and aim daily for 5 stars through great customer service. We are looking for someone with that same quality and can see the opportunity in this for you by delivering an excellent service and contributing to the team.
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Working at International Panel Shop, we function as a team to deliver the best product to our customers and would expect nothing less from anyone joining our team.
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We don't always have positions open but get in touch and we may have an opening suitable to the business and you. Below are simple descriptions on each tab, so supply us with your CV and we will have an idea what you can do. 



Repairs of any and all scratches, dents, accident damage, flatting and primer application would be a plus but not required.


All Rounder

An all rounder should be able to do the repairs of the vehicle from beginning to end including final spray and polish of vehicle


Everything else

Our All Rounders typically take a vehicle from start to end with repairs, so can do everything.



Required is primer, 2k, 1k, basecoat application. Familiar with the paints and related products.

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Please contact us via Email to apply.


Should you want to be part of the team, please get in touch. So as to no waste your time, if you are a polisher, flatter, masker - as in you can only do those individual functions our All Rounders do this already. If you can do all the above and spray or repair vehicles, that works out much better. If you are interested, get in touch!


140 Upper Canterbury Street, Gardens
Cape Town

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Cell: 071 687 1308
Tel: 0218018007
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