Is your vehicle really a write off?

By our experience at International Panel Shop we have found that most cars that are written off are very much repairable.

What is a write off?

By accepted definition, a car written off means that the cost of repairs to the vehicle following an accident or other damage is deemed to be more than the value of the car. In this case, the insurance company may declare the car a total loss and will usually pay the owner the vehicle's current market value rather than repairing it.

Before and After

Repaired by International Panel Shop

Hyundai Written off by insurance

If your vehicle is written off, contact us and let us see if we can save your car, and make the insurance pay what is owed to you on repairs.

From the Customer:
"Dear Freedom.
I can't believe you are done already. That car was far too damaged.
You must have left a few parts out
.'You must have forgotten to fix everything. No way it can be 100% so soon.
I have deposited (VALUE REMOVED)
Once Robyn takes the car and drives it a few days - if she is happy with it I will pay you a bonus OK?
Sincerely Peter."

BMW Written off by insurance

This BMW was written off, as too costly to repair. We assessed it ourselves and re-quoted.